Ep. 10: So this is what 1914 felt like?

April 19, 2017

This week, Caroline and Chris talk about all the times in the month of April it's felt like we're entering World War III.  First (5:00), they turn to North Korea, which has launched or attempted to launch missiles multiple times this month.  On the heels of celebrating their Supreme Leader's birthday and the resulting military parade, Vice President is in South Korea to state that the era of "strategic patience" is behind us, whatever that means.  Tension has not been higher between the USA and North Korea for a long time. Secondly, Caroline and Chris discuss the military's dropping of "M.O.A.B." (a.k.a. Mother Of All Bombs) on a mountainous region of Afghanistan (26:30).  What are the political, diplomatic, and military implications of these actions?  Caroline and Chris try to figure that out.

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